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WEIN - Our Vision and Mision  

A society of equal opportunities.

Empowering women to achieve improved socio-economic status in the society for self-actualization and community inclusiveness in national development
through rooted advocacy, sensitization, capacity building and networking.
Raise the awareness of women towards gender equity and economic
empowerment for sustainable development.


  • To mainstream gender into all programmes and policies
  • To mobilize and educate the society on improve health.
  • To ensure access to education of women for self-actualization.
  • To promote adequate participation of women at all level of governance.
  • To empower women to be economically independent.
  • To encourage policy makers to be accountable and transparent at all levels of Government.
  • To mobilize, support and foster the formation of grass root women Organization.
  • To encourage WASH activities that will promote good health and implement programmes that will reduce poverty in the family.
A registered Organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Bauchi State Government.
A sustainable organization with enhanced capacity in resource mobilization, providing efficient and effective services to our target groups.


  • Equity:
    We are committed to all options that promote fairness in all human endeavors in the way people are treated or related with.
  • Partnership:
    We commit ourselves to working with others in our areas of interest and focus, knowing that we can achieve more through collective actions.
  • Transparency:
    We remain open in our operations, accountable and demonstrating willingness to subject ourselves to public scrutiny.
  • Commitment to Service:
    We stay committed to rendering services to our beneficiaries to the best of our ability.
  • Respect:
    We uphold actions that preserve the self-esteem and dignity of the stake holders.
  • Social Justice:
    We commit to be responsible to one another’s’ right towards a condition of equal chances for all.
  • Integrity:
    WEIN is commited to doing the right thing with or with no supervision.


  • Governance:
    Enhanced status and participation of women in decision making at all levels.
  • Economic Empowerment/Agriculture:
    Improved capacity of disadvantaged women to earn and control income as a means of enhancing their living standard and those of their families in WEIN target communities.
  • Education:
    Increased access of women, girls, vulnerable and out of school children to formal and informal education through strategic engagement and provision of support to target groups.
  • Health:
    Improved health status of women, children and youth in target communities through access to quality health information and service.
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene):
    Improved living standard of families through increased access in WASH services and information.
  • Institutional Management and Development:
    Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of WEIN to innovatively meet and fulfill obligations to its beneficiaries, staff and partners in the external environment, achieve program and organizational goals.
  • Resource Mobilization and Management:
    We look towards increasing availability and efficient management of financial resources.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation:
    Strengthened capacity to generate and manage quality data for performance management, planning and decision making.

AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF), USA:- Through Diamond Development Initiative Kano.  It was a five year project from 2002, - 2007.

Nature of Activities:  Empowering rural women through the provision of micro – credit services.

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- Education
- Health/HIV/AIDS
- Governance
- Economic Empowerment
- Peace and Conflict Management

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