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WEIN - Our Vision and Mision  

A society of equal opportunities.

Empowering women to achieve improved socio-economic status in the society for self-actualization and community inclusiveness in national development through rooted advocacy, sensitization, capacity building and networking.

Organizational Goal:
Raise the awareness of women towards gender equity and economic
empowerment for sustainable development.

Organizational Objectives: :

  1. To mainstream gender into all programmes and policies
  2. To mobilize and educate the society on improve health.
  3. To ensure access to education of women for self-actualization.
  4. To promote adequate participation of women at all level of governance.
  5. To empower women to be economically independent.
  6. To encourage policy makers to be accountable and transparent at all levels of Government.
  7. To mobilize, support and foster the formation of grass root women Organization.
  8. To encourage WASH activities that will promote good health and implement programmes that will reduce poverty in the family.

WEIN has implemented several projects in 18 Local Government Areas of Bauchi State, 2 Local Governments in Adamawa State and 1 in Taraba State.

A registered Organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Bauchi State Government.


  1. Equity: We are committed to all opinions that promote fairness in all human endeavors in the way people are treated or related with.
  2. Partnership: We commit ourselves to working with others in our areas of interest and focus, knowing that we can achieve more through collective actions.
  3. Transparency: We remain open in our operations, accountable and demonstrating willingness to subject ourselves to public scrutiny.
  4. Commitment to Service: We stay committed to render services to our beneficiaries to the best of our ability.
  5. Respect: We uphold actions that preserve the self-esteem, and dignity of the stake holders.
  6. Social Justice: We commit to be responsible to one another’s’ right towards a condition of equal chances for all.
  7. Integrity: WEIN is committed to doing the right thing with or with no supervision.

AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF), USA:- Through Diamond Development Initiative Kano.  It was a five year project from 2002, - 2007.

Nature of Activities:  Empowering rural women through the provision of micro – credit services.

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- Education
- Health/HIV/AIDS
- Governance
- Economic Empowerment
- Peace and Conflict Management

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