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WEIN - Management  

The supreme decision-making body of the WEIN GROUP will remain the AGM, with delegated responsibilities to the Board and Elected Executive Committee – who basically set strategic policy direction and sharing organization’s information. 
There will also be Programme reflection meetings (PRM) that will be composed of the Admin Officer, Finance Officer and the Programme Officers and a representative of the management. 
The organization will strategically shift from activity based planning and management to result Based Planning and Management.  The new approach will require empowering and value-driven processes that encourage staff to be innovative and inquisitive.  The role of staff at all levels in organization’s work will therefore change to that of continuously sharing learning and gaining new knowledge, capacity builders – building the capacities of women/youths/communities in the areas of finance, management and programming.

In order to enhance the quality performance across the organization WEIN will evaluate staffing positions (at all levels) and maintain a core team that is result driven.
As is the practice, WEIN will maintain the proportion of women staff at middle and senior management levels, which is about 70:30 in favour of women.
As a learning organization shared learning will be emphasized.  Internal communication will be strengthened and visibility of the organization both at National and project level will be a priority.
Wein bauchi constitutes the following bodies;

Institutional Management and Development::
Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of WEIN to innovatively meet and fulfill obligations to its beneficiaries, staff and partners in the external environment, achieve program and organizational goals.

Resource Mobilization and Management::
We look towards increasing availability and efficient management of financial resources

Monitoring and Evaluation::
Strengthened capacity to generate and manage quality data for performance management, planning and decision making.

1. Titi Yakubu (Mrs.) - Chairperson
2. Joshua Kushi (Mr.) - Dep. Chairperson
3. Hajaratu Clara Pisagih (Mrs.) - Secretary
4. Dr. Lydia Haruna Tsammani (Mrs.) - Member
5. Talatu Mayaki (Mrs.) - Member
6. Hannatu Dauda Simon (Mrs.) - Member
7. Maijinya Musa (Mrs.) - Member
8. Ada James Emmanuel (Mr.) - Member
9. Bala Adams (Mr.) - Member
10. Hamman Malgwi (Mr.) - Member


1. Hjaratu C Pisagih - Executive Director
2. Hannatu Hallan - Deputy ED
3. Deborah D. Kogi - Programme Manager
4. Abraham Elijah - ICT/M&E Manager
5. Afodiya D. Bahago - HR/Admin Officer
6. Sunday Jonathan - Accountant
7. Buhari Isa Uba - TOP
8. Sandra Adoghe - Finance Officer
9. Nasiru Isah Dingis - BICO
10. Christopher Ephraim - BICO
11. Makaranta Haruna - FO
12. Florence Bala - FO
13. Abner Dutse - FO
14. Daniel Konjo - FO
15. Victor Fredrick - FO
16. Sanjane I. Sogi - FO
17. Joshua Dauda - FO
18. Sauki Halan - FO
19. Ruth A. Ahmed - FO
20. Martha Felix - FO
21. Faith Adodo - FO
22. Mabel Kanshio - FO
23. Sylvia Baji - FO
24. Doris Iliya Yohanna - FO
25. Samuel Christiana Well - PO Micro Credit
26. Luka Gambo - Security
27. FATIMA YAKUBU - Cleaner
28. Sarah Lawi - Cleaner
29. Nasara Padama - Security
30. Judith Dorkur - FO
31. Shayon J. Simon - FO
32. Samuel Yahaya - Driver
33. Stephen Maji - Driver
34. Grace Nuhu - Security
Apart from the staff, the organisation from time to time has Industrial Training (I.T.) Students.


AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF), USA:- Through Diamond Development Initiative Kano.  It was a five year project from 2002, - 2007.

Nature of Activities:  Empowering rural women through the provision of micro – credit services.

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- Governance

Enhanced status and participation of women in decision making at all levels.

- Agriculture/Economic Empowerment

Improved capacity of disadvantaged women to earn and control income as a means of enhancing their living standard and those of their families in WEIN target communities.

- Education

Increased access of women, girls, vulnerable and out of school children to formal and informal education through strategic engagement and provision of support to target groups.

- Health

Improved health status of women, children and youth in target communities through access to quality health information and service.

- WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)

Improved living standard of families through increased access in WASH services and information.

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