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Woman Empowerment Initiative (WEIN), formerly known as Women in Nigeria (WIN) Bauchi was established in 1985.
The major strategies adopted by WEIN for improving the status of women as a marginalized group was advocacy and sensitization on their rights, and also advocate to the policy makers to recognize women right especially in governance or decision-making.
However in pursuance of this noble course, Bauchi branch began to realize that the challenge is enormous as advocacy and sensitization were not enough to bring the desired change in the conditions of women particularly the rural women, hence the need to change to Women Empowerment Initiative with goals Objective and Motto.
Consequently, WEIN Bauchi started thinking of ways to better the condition of these women so that they can stand on their own.
The challenges from the women moved the organization to expand its scope to providing activities that would empower these women and so with the support of donor agencies WEIN Bauchi started voters’ education, micro-credit services, adult literacy classes, educating the women clients on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, the provision of safe water and the promotion of good sanitation and hygiene.
These activities are greatly empowering women and are making them to participate in their town or village decision-making.

Women Empowerment Initiative (WEIN), Bauchi is a membership, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious Organization. It was established in 1985. From humble beginning, the Organization has grown in size and scope to become one of the leading NGO’s in Bauchi State. WEIN has adjusted her programmes, and positioned herself within the NGO community as a promoter of women oriented development.


AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF), USA:- Through Diamond Development Initiative Kano.  It was a five year project from 2002, - 2007.

Nature of Activities:  Empowering rural women through the provision of micro – credit services.

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- Education
- Health/HIV/AIDS
- Governance
- Economic Empowerment
- Peace and Conflict Management

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